Hole In One Alert – 15 April 2021

Congratulations to Melon Douglas for her ace on the 5th Hole on 15. April. A beauty of a 6H with a red Callaway SuperSoft sealed the deal. Hopefully there were sufficient people on the Patio to enjoy the 40 free drinks !

Range Update

Range Update – It is still closed.

Please note that our Range is still closed. Following our renovations last year we were still awaiting better weather so that the hydroseeded grass out on the range could grow stronger. That better weather is finally here.

Once the range is ready to be opened it will be in a three step process.

– Stage 1 For Members Only and for Individuals taking instruction

– Stage 2 For those wanting to warm up prior to playing golf (daily green fee players, Twilight passholders etc). Likely to be a limit of 1 small warm up bucket.

– Stage 3 Drop in Use (those just wanting to use the range)

The timeline on each of these stages is not set and will be determined by the status of the range, the demand for the range and the availability of parking at our facility (currently our parking lots are completely filled by mid morning by those attending to play golf).

Once we are able to open the range for drop in use we will do so but Covid-19 considerations such as gathering of visitors, Proshop Customer limits as well as safe parking limits may delay this stage of opening and could possibly prevent us from opening it fully for the entire season.

We would love to be able to open the range for all asap but our main consideration has to be for our Staff and the golfers using the course. We understand this may be disappointing news but we hope you understand our reasoning.

Any update on the status of the range will be placed on the following section of the website;

Thank you.

Opening Mixed Tournament Results

We couldn’t have asked for better weather this past Saturday, sun was shining, course was playing great so a huge shout out to Jason and his crew. The competition was quite good with half of the field finishing at even par or better. It was also nice to see a few new members in the event. Top 6 net places paid out, the winners are as follows:

1st place with a net 65 – Brad Cochlin/Joanne Calverly (Countback) each will receive $125 on their Credit Book
2nd place with a net 65 – Kathy and Jay Banfield each will receive $100 on their Credit Book
3rd place with a net 66 – Mairi and Peter Blair (Countback) each will receive $75 on their Credit Book
4th place with a net 66 – Janice Woida/Rob Williams each will receive $55 on their Credit Book
5th place with a net 67 – Wilma Kingston/Keith Riel each will receive $45 on their Credit Book
6th place with a net 68 – Janice and Larry Houston each will receive $35 on their Credit Book

Congratulations to you all on the great play! Credit Book is a feature on the new system that is replacing the old Pro Shop Prize Cards. This credit is attached directly to your member profile and can now be used in either the Pro Shop for merchandise or in the restaurant for food and beverage. It is a separate account to your Prepaid restaurant account so please make sure you advise your server if you would like to use up the prize credit first before using your Prepaid credit.

KP winners receive a sleeve of Prov1’s each that can be picked up in the Pro Shop
#5 – Jay and Kathy
#8 – Sharon and Kyle
#11 – Janice and Rob
#16 – Lisa and Ron

Draw prizing can also be picked up in the Pro Shop

SVGC Divot Tools: Mike Haley, Scott Sellers, Lisa Boothroyd, Melon Douglas, Kyle Vreeken

AVX Sleeve: Larrye Henry, Helen Powell, Kirby Litzenberger, Darwin Lamont

Covid Update from the GM

Hello Everyone,

I realize that reminding anyone these days about Covid-19 related matters seems redundant, but I feel it is incumbent on me to do so if only for the fact that I know that we all want this season at SVGC to be successful and for all our members, staff and visitors to remain healthy.

The recent PHO announcement re Restaurants caught many off guard but to be honest it should not have come as too much of a surprise. It has been quite evident that ‘we’ ( I am using the collective term) have all become fatigued following the orders in place and doing what is being
asked of us. It is evident in the media, it is evident in town and it has become increasingly more evident here at the Club. I am not pointing fingers, and I am certainly not making accusations, I am merely stating what I am seeing on a daily basis. We are definitely suffering from Covid-19

Yesterday the Howe sound region was singled out as a Covid ‘hotspot’ (https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/covid-19-update-dec-1-1.5978544). 410 ppl tested positive in our area last week. With these cases, more and more people are having to do mandatory isolation at home, not because they contracted Covid-19 but because they may have been in contact with someone who has contracted Covid-19. We at the Club have not been immune to this and have had staff who have needed to isolate while awaiting tests, and others who have had to isolate the full two weeks as they had been in contact with someone who tested
positive. However, we have not had a single case of Covid-19 here at the Club. And I know we all want this to remain the case.

There are businesses in Squamish that are currently closed due to Covid-19 exposures and positive tests. We do not want to fall into this unfortunate category. Our small business units, especially the Proshop are very vulnerable and a positive case with the Proshop staff would be horrible for staff, and secondly, would likely close the course down for a minimum of 14

So, I ask you all to please remember the following;

• Do not visit the Club if you are feeling unwell. Use this self-assessment tool and please
get tested if the tool suggests you should https://bc.thrive.health/covid19/en. Wait at home
until you get your negative test results.

• Wear your mask when coming into the Proshop and prior to being seated out on the patio.
Feel free to wear your mask outside while on the Club premises and prior to teeing off. I
am encouraging staff to do the same.

• 2 customers/members in the Proshop maximum. Please refrain from spending too much
time in there. One day, hopefully soon, we will be able to be indoors and be more social
again but now is not the time.

• Maintain distance from others and continue to refrain from shaking hands, bumping
elbows etc.

• Refrain from arriving at the Club more than 25mins before your tee time.
I, the Board of SVGC and Staff appreciate your efforts to date and ask that you continue to
remain vigilant in protecting your health and the health of others.

Best Regards,

Scott Wengi
General Manager

New Member Area Launched!

Squamish Valley Gold Course is excited to announce the launch of the member area on our website.

The new Member’s Area will allow you to:

  • Connect with other members
  • View exclusive member’s offers
  • Stay up to date with important club news
  • Access club and member-only information
  • Follow members to create a quick contact list

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.