Join Alex on November 1st in support of his dream to be a member of Canada’s Paralympic Team.

Alex Cairns Event Fundraiser (Edit 1)The event includes a Beer & Burger for only $10 as well as entry for some great prizes:  Edge Card (Whistler Blackcomb),                      Golf (SVGC),                                                        Pass (Sea to Sky Gondola),                          SORCA Membership,                                         Gift Card (Source for Sports).

For more info on this event CLICK HERE  & make sure you check out Alex’s GoFundMe page at



The Squamish Valley Golf Club, Howe Sound Curling Club and The Squamish Squash Club take pride in their support of the Community. The Clubs have been operating since 1964 and have invested $10.0 million into programs and services and operate as not for profit organizations.

The Clubs have generated over $22 million in revenue to the Community over the past 48 years. The Golf, Curling and Squash programs offer memberships, however as much as 70% of The Golf Club’s revenue is derived from daily green fee paying customers.

The Clubs offer many special programs to the community such as Resident’s Rates, Drop in Fee Programs, Ladies Night and Junior Initiatives all at subsidized rates.

The Club partners with a number Charity Events such as: the Squamish Hospital Foundation, Squamish Breakfast Club, Chamber of Commerce.

Charity Events

The Club sponsors upwards of $100,000 annually for charitable purposes such as: the Breakfast Club and Chamber of Commerce, Howe Sound Women’s Shelter, United Way, Hospitals, Library, Schools, Sports Organizations, Christmas Care, Police, Fire Fighters, Museums, Service Organizations and many more…

Organizations are requested to put their requests in writing.

Scholarship Program

The Club sponsors the Dr. Luke Plunkett Bursary to a graduating Howe Sound Secondary School Student that is a member or related to a member of The Squamish Valley Golf Club, Howe Sound Curling Club or Squamish Squash Club . The Bursary is an annual grant of $1,000. Please submit your application to The Luke Plunkett Bursary Selection Committee c/o Howe Sound Secondary School. The Club also tracks a list of BCGA and RCGA scholarships for gifted student golfers.

Youth Programs

The Golf Club, Squash Club and Curling Club all offer youth programs ranging from weekly drop in sessions, introductory lessons to weekly activities. The Golf Club supports the “Take A Kid To The Course Week” each year in July.


The course uses its own non potable water that does not effect the District of Squamish’s water supply. The course’s water supply is a rechargeable aquifer that feeds into its pond.

The staff are accredited by the Federal Government on the use of only approved fertilizers and pesticides and continue to developed environmentally sensitive areas that require no service.

Both the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the Resource Restoration Component of the DFO’s Salmon Enhancement Program work closely with Squamish Valley. Their position is that the spawning channel is fed by groundwater from the Mamquam River and have noted that the lower end of the channel may be above the water table, often effected by dry periods.