Range Update

Range Update – It is still closed.

Please note that our Range is still closed. Following our renovations last year we were still awaiting better weather so that the hydroseeded grass out on the range could grow stronger. That better weather is finally here.

Once the range is ready to be opened it will be in a three step process.

– Stage 1 For Members Only and for Individuals taking instruction

– Stage 2 For those wanting to warm up prior to playing golf (daily green fee players, Twilight passholders etc). Likely to be a limit of 1 small warm up bucket.

– Stage 3 Drop in Use (those just wanting to use the range)

The timeline on each of these stages is not set and will be determined by the status of the range, the demand for the range and the availability of parking at our facility (currently our parking lots are completely filled by mid morning by those attending to play golf).

Once we are able to open the range for drop in use we will do so but Covid-19 considerations such as gathering of visitors, Proshop Customer limits as well as safe parking limits may delay this stage of opening and could possibly prevent us from opening it fully for the entire season.

We would love to be able to open the range for all asap but our main consideration has to be for our Staff and the golfers using the course. We understand this may be disappointing news but we hope you understand our reasoning.

Any update on the status of the range will be placed on the following section of the website;

Driving Range

Thank you.

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