On behalf of the Squamish Valley Golf Club, please allow me to introduce The Club’s Golf Course Advertising Program, a popular vehicle that has been in place since 2004. The Club has hosted over one million golfers and is one of the largest attractions in Squamish with 55,000 visits annually.

The Hole Sign Advertising enhances the quality of the hole, displaying information in a much more professional fashion, commonly praised by golfers. The Club includes the Sponsor’s logo on the Scorecard and name in the Web site.

Based on the number of rounds that take place annually, a client’s investment falls well within the media guidelines of being a very good cost effective buy at less than $10 per thousand. The rate is based on one viewing of the sign, however in all probablility it is viewed several times while waiting to tee off.

The Club’s annual advertising rate for 2018 remains at $499 plus GST, plus the one time set up fee (approx. $330) for the granite stone inset.

Over ninety percent of our advertisers renew, which speaks volumes for its success rate.

Please feel free to email or phone me if interested or if you require more information.

Yours truly,

Scott Wengi

General Manager