The Members and Staff take great pride in the conditions of the fairways and greens at Squamish Valley Golf Club.

In order to help maintain the golf course and to keep it in prime condition for all players, please heed the following Course Care Advice.

  • Always carry a seed and sand bottle and repair divots made during play. Please repair other divots that you may find, not just your own.
  • Please rake and smooth out impact areas and footprints in bunkers after playing your shot. After use, rakes should be returned to the middle of the bunker.
  • Please repair ‘pitch’ marks on greens. Good practice is to repair your own and then repair at least two others.
  • Power carts should always be driven in a careful and responsible manner. Keep power carts at least 30 feet from all greens. The course has green posts set up on the edge of this boundary, and carts should remain outside these posts at all times.
  • Please take care when handling the flagstick.  Do not throw or drop the flagstick on the green. Always take care when replacing the flagstick so as to not cause damage to the hole.
  • Players are requested not to use their putter to retrieve the ball from the hole.
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