Squamish Mixed Amateur



Dear Past Participants, 

The Club has made the decision to not hold the  Mixed Amateur Tournament in 2022. 

This decision was not arrived at easily and it should be pointed out that this does not necessarily mark the end of this event ( having now not held it for 3 seasons).  The Club will be forming a Tournament Committee whose brief will be to review the arrangements of both the Men’s Amateur and the Mixed Amateur and it is hoped that the Committee will be able to develop some exciting competitor experience driven changes   that also work for the Club and for the many local businesses that have supported this event over the years.

We thank you for your understanding.


The Board and Staff of SVGC

Event Notice

Note For Saturday 8th October – IronMan/Maiden Event.

SVGC will be holding its annual IronMan/Maiden Tournament for Members and their guests on October 8th. For those participating, the course will play as long as possible and pin placements will be tougher than usual. Pins will stay in that location for the entirety of the day (regular tee locations will be in play for non-tournament play).  As the setup of the course will be more difficult it is anticipated that the round will be a little slower than usual. To help with pace of play, tee time intervals will be 10mins all day. Due to what could be construed as an inconvenience, we will be offering a reduced green fee if you choose to play on this day (see below). 

Open Until 1pm – $50 plus tax (reg. $76 plus tax)
1pm to Close – $35 plus tax  (reg $66 plus tax)